Project Management Certification – Individually Customized Classes

Individual Courses Customized for Your Skills, Goals & Schedule

Work privately with your personal instructor who customizes your course to meet your career goals and fit your schedule:

 adpm0909 Proven Process
Learn our step-by-step process which is straightforward, no matter how complex the project or technology.
shutterstock_3549660 Communicate –  Learn to deliver effective presentations. Build your confidence in private practice sessions with your instructor.

Essential_Lecture-8-6-12BOOK.108-300x168 Schedule – Learn to schedule projects quickly and make the best use of people and budget dollars.

4peoplea Planning & Goal-setting – Learn to set crystal clear project goals and team performance expectations.
shutterstock_2048491-300x199 Risk Management –  Learn to identify risks, quantify their impact and develop effective risk responses to mitigate the impact.
shutterstock_3609855-300x200 Estimating – Learn multiple techniques for estimating and when to apply each of them.
shutterstock_3608367-300x201 Motivate Your Team – Learn to design assignments and estimates to gain each team member’s commitment.

shutterstock_3578359-300x237 Communicate - Learn how to keep everyone informed with relevant decision-making information.

 shutterstock_3434833-300x201Negotiate – Learn to reach agreement with vendors, suppliers and other departments that let you finish on time and within budget.
REP_rev-small Get Certified – Earn an industry or specialty certification that validates your PM experience & skills.
shutterstock_3456545-300x200 Anticipate and Fix Problems - Learn to spot and fix problems early and avoid big surprises.

bigpicture Focus on Results – Learn to keep everyone focused on the end result the project must produce.

How Customized Individual Instruction Works

You learn when it fits your schedule and with materials that suit your learning style:

  • You and instructor meet to design your course and the materials you will use
  • You have a textbook, lectures, assignments and an instructor who always answers your questions within 24 hours
  • This is individual instruction with no other students and with unlimited private video conferences with your instructor
  • Apply what you learn to realistic case studies where  you plan, schedule and solve real world problems in project situations
  • Produce real plans, schedules and estimates and get personal feedback on them
  • Give live presentations and Q&A sessions with assertive executives and stakeholders.

You learn from reading, lectures, videos and simulations as well as from your instructor’s years of practical project management experience. That is the heart of our Project Management Training & Certification

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