Project Management Training – Customized Classes

Individual Courses Customized for Your Skills, Goals & Schedule

Work privately with your personal instructor and tailor your course to meet your career goals and select the techniques and tools you want to master. These include:

 adpm0909 Selecting PM Tools
– Develop a project toolkit for different size projects so there is never too much or too little management.
shutterstock_3549660 Persuading –  Make persuasive presentations to gain acceptance of your ideas.

Essential_Lecture-8-6-12BOOK.108-300x168 Scheduling – Finish projects as soon as possible, making the best use of people and budget dollars. Use MS Project® software.

4peoplea Team Building – Assign clear accountabilities to team members so they know what you expect before they begin work.
shutterstock_2048491-300x199 Modeling Trade-offs –  Model the impact of changes on scope, time, budget & risk and present the options.
shutterstock_3609855-300x200 Creating Solutions – Develop & evaluate alternatives to solve problems and complete the project according to plan.
shutterstock_3608367-300x201 Developing a Team – Design assignments that give team members enough “stretch” to expand their capabilities.

shutterstock_3578359-300x237 Communicating - Keep stakeholders connected with relevant decision-making information.

 shutterstock_3434833-300x201Negotiating – Negotiate “win-win” deals with stakeholders, vendors and consultants.
REP_rev-smallEarning Certifications – Earn certifications from the The Project Management Institute (PMI)® to validate your PM experience & skills.
shutterstock_3456545-300x200Spotting Problems - Spot and fix trouble that may occur down the road so no one gets surprised by problems.

bigpictureSeeing the Big Picture – Stay focused on the project’s big picture without getting lost in the details.

How You Learn  with Individual Online Instruction

The inventory above is the foundation for our courses based on:

  • Individual instruction with unlimited private video conferences
  • Realistic case studies where  you play the PM role in project situations
  • Produce real plans, schedules and estimates and get personal feedback on them
  • Give live presentations and Q&A sessions with assertive executives and stakeholders.

You learn from reading, lectures, videos and simulations as well as from your instructor’s years of practical project management experience. That is the heart of our Project Management Training & Certification

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