102 CAPM Management Plans

To facilitate your learning we have divided the very large (24 process) planning process group into two sections. First, we’ll talk about the management plans we’ll develop for each knowledge area and then we’ll talk about the actual project plans including scope, schedule, budget and risk.

We develop a management plan for every one of our knowledge areas. These plans detail exactly how we will manage those areas like procurement and quality and all the others. We specify what tools and techniques we will use, how much effort and money we’ll invest in managing them. We also specify who will be accountable for performing those analyses and managing and controlling these key dimensions of the project. It’s important to remember that we specify which of the techniques and how much of them we’re going to do in these management plans. The Project Management Body of Knowledge does not demand that we do unnecessary procedures or implement valueless techniques. In the management planning process, we’re making decisions about what project management techniques we’ll use on this particular project.

Management Plans Introduction &
Process: Develop Project Management Plan

3 scenarios of Develop Project Management Plan

Process: Plan Scope Management

Process: Plan Schedule Management

Process: Plan Cost Management

Process: Plan Human Resource Management

Process: Plan Stakeholder Management

Process: Plan Communications Management

Process: Plan Risk Management

Process: Plan Quality Management

Process: Plan Procurement Management

Management Plans Summary

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