102 CAPM Executing

Once the project management plan has been approved, we launch the project and actually execute all of the baseline plans we have developed. We’re acquiring our project team and then developing and managing them. We’ll launch our quality control effort during executing as well as our efforts to communicate with the stakeholders. A major source of activity is conducting our procurements, holding bidders conferences, issuing RFPs, evaluating vendor proposals and negotiating contracts with the vendors who meet our selection criteria. We’re also actively engaged in managing our stakeholders, ensuring that they are engaged in the process and supporting the effort. A key focus is addressing their issues and needs.

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Project Executing Introduction

Process: Direct & Manage Project Work

Process: Acquire Project Team

Process: Conduct Procurements

Process: Develop Team

Process: Perform Quality Assurance

Process: Manage Project Team

Process: Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Process: Manage Communications

Project Executing Summary

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