102 CAPM Monitoring & Control

There is a control function for every knowledge area. We control the schedule, control costs, control quality, control communications and so on. Each of those control efforts is focused on monitoring performance versus the baseline plan that has been approved. When there are variances between what actually happens and that plan, the control process kicks in. We may respond to variances with corrective action where we make adjustments to bring what’s happening into line with the baselines. If the corrective action doesn’t work, then we may initiate the change request process, going through integrated change control to secure approval of any change, corrective action, defect repair or preventive action to avoid problems in the future. Change requests for handling variances employ a very large number of tools and techniques and there are a lot of questions on this area.

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Monitoring & Control Introduction

Process: Monitor & Control Project Work

Process: Integrated Change Control

Process Element: Change Request

Process Element: Validate Scope

Monitoring & Control Summary

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