102 CAPM Project Plans

To facilitate your learning we have divided the very large planning process group (24 processes) into two sections. First, we talked about the management plans we’ll develop for each knowledge area and now we’ll talk about the actual project plans including scope, schedule, budget and risk.

In this second half of the planning process group, we define the scope of the project, develop the schedule, calculate the budget and develop our detailed plans for managing risk. This is the core of our project management effort. The data developed in this process group creates the baselines for the project, which we will actively manage and track throughout the entire executing and monitoring and control process groups. Needless to say, there are a very large number of tools and techniques that are utilized in these areas and that will be the focus of most of the questions from this area.

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Project Plans Introduction

Process: Collect Requirements

Process: Define Scope

Process: Create WBS

Process: Define Activities

Process: Sequence Activities

Process: Estimate Activity Resources

Process: Estimate Activity Duration

Process: Develop Schedule

Process: Estimate Costs

Process: Determine Budget

Process: ID Risks

Process: Qualitative Risk Analysis

Process: Quantitative Risk Analysis

Process: Plan Risk Responses

Process Element: Plan Approval Meeting

Project Plans Summary

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