113 Module 1: Strategic Planning with Executives

You begin by familiarizing yourself with the plan and schedule created by the IT project manager you are replacing. You also review his working notes on estimating, risk management, stakeholder management and the project status as of his last day on the job. You meet the Vailcrest president and three principal stakeholders and review the emails they wrote the president, which led to the project manager’s termination.

Using the methodology you learn in the lecture and reading assignment, you’ll revise the plan, scope and major deliverables. Then you will prepare a presentation of your revised plan to the senior management to gain their acceptance and approval. This is a live online meeting with your instructor. He will play the roles of the executives in the case study and ask you questions about your plan.

1. Strategic Planing with Executives Lecture Video

There are two videos below followed by assignment reading on the developmental methodologies.

2. Meet the Vailcrest Executives Video


3. Assignment Reading: Project Design Alternatives & Developmental Methodologies

Open the reading assignment on project design alternatives and developmental methodologies (.pdf)

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