121 Essentials of Construction Project Management

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In the Essentials of Construction Project Management, people who are new to project management will learn the ten major steps in a construction project and then apply them to a project case study. You’ll start by negotiating with the customer/owner and establishing the project scope in precise, measurable terms. Then you’ll move on to gather requirements from the other project stakeholders. Next, you’ll prepare a Power Point presentation of the charter and send it to your instructor for feedback.

You make a live online presentation to your instructor so you practice your communication and presentation skills. Then you learn how to build the schedule and budget using project management software. That includes the work breakdown structure (WBS), predecessors, estimating resources and optimizing the schedule. You will send your instructor your work at each of those steps for review and coaching. Next, you’ll deal with conflict among the project crews and subcontractors and customer/owner. Finally, your instructor will send you status data from your crews and subs. Finally, your instructor will send you status data from your crews and subs. You’ll update your schedule and identify problems and solutions. You’ll prepare a status report for presentation to your instructor. Mastering these proven steps that you can follow on every construction project you manage is the key to consistent success.

Remember that your instructor is available to answer your questions and will always get back to you within 24 hours. So don’t struggle with a technique, ask your instructor a question and get your answer within 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Links to Each Module’s Lecture Videos

Module 1: Broadbrush Plan: Scope Definition

Module 2: Requirements Gathering

Module 3: Project Charter Approval

Module 4: Project Charter Presentation

Module 5: The Work Breakdown Structure

Module 6: Predecessor Relationships

Module 7: Resources & Estimating Process

Module 8: Optimizing Your Schedule

Module 9: Team Conflict

Module 10: Tracking & Status Reports

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