121 Module 2: Requirements Gathering

The second step in the process is to break down or decompose your scope into high-level deliverables and detailed deliverables. Unlike the usual (poor) process where the project manager simply makes a list of requirements, you will learn the correct way to decompose high-level deliverables into smaller deliverables.Essential_Mod2.020 You’ll also learn to talk to the customer/owner about their requirements and use the defined scope to link everything to the end result the project has to produce. You’ll learn how to identify requirements that are not necessary for the project scope so they should not be included in the project plan.

What Happens If I Don’t Gather My Requirements Correctly?

There are a couple of bad things that happen if you gather requirements as if you were Santa Claus with the customer/owner sitting on your lap and giving you a wish list of everything they want.  When the requirements gathering is a wish list, you wind up using time and resources on deliverables and activities that are not required to produce the project’s end result. That makes the project take longer and cost more than it should. So gathering requirements correctly is the way to have a lean construction project where everything the crews and subs are doing is focused on the end result.

There are 3 videos below.

1. Requirements Gathering Lecture Video


2. Bad/Good Project Manager in Action Video

Watch the project manager mishandle the requirements gathering meeting with the stakeholders/customers. Then see the same project manager do it the right way.


3. Vailcrest Executives Deliverables Discussion Video

Watch the Vailcrest executives discuss the deliverables they require from the project.


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