121 Module 3: Project Charter Approval

In this third module you will put together all of the pieces of scope and requirements. You will package them with your assessment of the project’s risks, rough estimates of the resources you will need. You’ll talk to the Essential_Mdo3.036customer/owner about the kind of authority you need to manage the project. All those things go into the project charter. But it doesn’t need to be a long document. The charter is no more than ½ page long when you use the template we give you.

What Happens If I Don’t Do the Project Charter Correctly?

The purpose of the charter is to solve problems early, before you and the crews and subs start work. So you need to bring up the issue of how much of the project crews’ and subs’ time you’’ll need. You also need to present the deliverables that the project will produce and get the customer’s/owner’s approval. You’ll explain that nothing else is going to be included in the project. If you don’t get the customer’s/owner’s approval and commitments during the project charter phase, you will get bogged down with changes and problems after you start work. That’s why it’s best to get everything straightened out now and lock down everyone’s support and commitments before you start work.

There are 2 videos below.

1. Project Charter Approval Lecture Video


2. Bad/Good Project Manager in Action Video

Watch the project manager mishandle the charter meeting with the project sponsor/customer. Then see the same project manager do it the right way.


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