121 Module 4: Project Charter Presentation

In the fourth module, you will prepare your charter presentation for the customer/owner and other stakeholders. You’ve learned about the pieces that go into the charter, now you’ll learn how to put those pieces of the charter together. We’ll also discuss using personality typing to tailor your charter Essential_Mod4.047presentation to your audience. Your objective with the charter is to gain support from the customer/owner and stakeholders for the project. You also need to get commitments from the people who will supply crews, subs and team members for your project.

What Happens If I Don’t Do the Project Charter Correctly?

As you learned in the previous module, the charter should raise and solve problems early, before you start work on the project. In a live online presentation to your instructor, you will present the project scope and deliverables so that everyone understands what is and is not included in the project. You’ll also discuss how much of people’s time you need for the project work. Then you’ll negotiate for direct assignment and reward authority over the crews, subs and project team members. Additionally, you’ll include the process for handling change requests. You want to get approval of the charter before you start the project work, rather than later, when it can be more time-consuming and expensive to deal with those issues.


There are 2 videos below.

1. Project Charter Presentation Lecture Video


2. Bad/Good Project Manager in Action Video

Watch people make common mistakes with their body language when giving presentations. Then watch a presenter use good body language, gestures and techniques.


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