131 Module 9: Team Conflict

Every project has conflict situations between team members or stakeholders. You’ll learn techniques to use to resolve conflicts and let the project work proceed unaffected. These techniques begin with an assessment of the conflict situation in terms of the stakes involved and the potential impact on the project budget and completion date. Based on that conflict assessment, you will learn to select the correct conflict resolution techniques. Then you’ll implement one in a realistic conflict situation.

 Essential_Moid9.109What Happens If I Can’t Resolve The Conflicts?

Healthcare project managers who can’t resolve conflicts have a project team that is much less efficient. That’s because time is wasted on the conflict. Resolving conflicts with the skills you’re learning lets you keep your project on course and on schedule.

There are 2 videos below.

1. Team Conflict Lecture Video


2. Bad Project Manager in Action Video and Assignment

Watch the project manager try to handle a team conflict. Critique his actions and decide what he should have done to correctly handle the conflict situation.


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