131 Module 8: Optimizing Your Schedule

Your work breakdown structure, predecessors, work estimates and availability data are all in the project schedule. Now you’ll use the critical path tool to ensure that your project will finish as quickly as possible. The critical path is the most widely used project management tool and it tells you which tasks control the overall duration of the project. You’ll learn how to optimize your resource assignments and your predecessor network to shorten the duration by “crashing” and “fast tracking” the project.

 Essential_Mod8.096What Happens If I Don’t Optimize My Schedule?

If you haven’t built your schedule following the prior steps in this course, your project will take longer than it should and you won’t make good use of the available resources. The critical path is an easy tool to use and it shows you where the opportunities are for shortening the project duration. That’s vital information. If you don’t use the critical path tool, your project will be very inefficient.

There are 3 videos below.

1. Optimizing Your Schedule Lecture Video


2. Microsoft Project ® Software Video – Watch this lecture if your version of Project is 2010 or newer (all versions older than 2010, skip this video and go to #3)


3. Microsoft Project® Software Video – Watch this lecture if your version of Project is older than 2010


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