133 Module 5: Earned Value & Status Reporting

In this module you will learn advanced techniques for earned value and variance analysis. You’ll also learn techniques for planning corrective action for a healthcare project. Then you will apply these techniques to the data available on the Vailcrest project. You will present corrective action alternatives and a forecast of the results if those recommendations are not implemented. Your instructor will give you feedback and coaching on your presentation. Then you will present it in a live online meeting with your instructor and answer the Vailcrest executives’ questions.

1. Earned Value & Status Reporting Lecture Video

There is one lecture video below followed by materials you will need to complete your assignment.


2. Assignment: Earned Value & Variance Data

Open/download the earned value and variance data you will need to complete this module’s assignment

Open/download the status reports & change requests you will need to complete the assignment

(Optional) Download the Microsoft Project file

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