141 Module 1: Broadbrush Plan: Scope Definition

The first step in the project management process is the hardest. In this step you will define the scope of the project and define its success in numbers or measurable terms. The scope is the business outcome the client’s project sponsor wants the project to deliver. If you know what they want, you have a much higher probability of them being satisfied with your work. Too many project managers work from a to-do list or a list of activities. Then they’re surprised when the client sponsor is not happy with the project result. Those project managers failed to identify the real scope of the project and how the sponsor would measure it.


What Happens If I Don’t Do The Scope Correctly?

If you don’t accurately define the project’s scope, you will have a dissatisfied client and probably finish late and over budget. That’s because without a good scope definition you will not be able to control the scope of the project. It will expand every week, getting larger and larger, without increases to the schedule or budget. A solid scope statement lets you control changes. You will be able to get additional time and budget for adding the changes and you’ll have a happy project sponsor. That’s why accurate scope definition is a critical step in the client project management process.

There are 3 videos below.

1. BroadBrush Plan: Scope Definition Lecture Video


2. Vailcrest Corporation Executives Video

Meet the characters in the client project case study you will work on throughout the course.


3. Bad/Good Project Manager in Action Video

Watch a project manager mishandle the scope definition meeting with the client’s project sponsor. Then see the same project manager do it the right way.


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