141 Module 10: Tracking & Status Reports

In this final module, your instructor will send you actual status data from your team members. You’ll use that data and their estimates to update the status of your project. Then you’ll compare the actual schedule with the baseline schedule that you originally planned. That’s the tool you’ll use to identify variances. You’ll also use the software to model options for corrective action. At the end of the module, you’ll prepare Power Point slides to present the status report to the client sponsor. You will show what’s happening on the project and your ideas for corrective action. Then you’ll make a live online presentation to your instructor to practice your communication and presentation skills.


What Happens If I Don’t Report Status Correctly?

You will lose your credibility as a consulting project manager if you can’t make concise project status reports including the data  your client needs to make good decisions. If you don’t use the tools that allow you to spot problems early, you’ll quickly develop problems with the project’s stakeholders. They don’t like to hear about bad news when it’s too late to solve the problem(s). With good tracking and status reporting skills, you be able to identify problems early, when they’re small and much more easily solved.

There are 3 videos below.

1. Tracking & Status Reports Lecture Video


2. Microsoft Project® Software Video – Watch this lecture if your version of Project is 2010 or newer (all versions older than 2010, skip this video and go to #3)


3. Microsoft Project® Software Video – Watch this lecture if your version of Project is older than 2010


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