143 Client Project Management: Advanced Techniques

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Client Project Management: Advanced Techniques allows experienced project managers to add powerful techniques to their skill set. You learn best practice techniques in five important areas and then apply them to a realistic consulting project case study for a client. You are taking over a failing project for Vailcrest Corporation. There is a significant deliverable, which has to be integrated with supporting deliverables in several operational areas. In each module, you will develop plans and solutions and present them to the project stakeholders (played by your instructor) in live online video conferences.

First, you’ll learn best practice techniques for the project planning and requirements gathering process. Next, you will add techniques for assessing the personality types of your client’s project stakeholders. You’ll identify the most effective methods to use in communicating and persuading them to accept your plan and recommendations. In the third module, you will learn and apply five estimating techniques for cost and duration. Next you will assess the project’s risks and develop a cost-effective risk management plan to mitigate those risks. Finally, using status data from the team, you will prepare an analysis of the project and develop action plans. You will make a live online video presentation of this plan to the project stakeholders (played by your instructor).

Course Introduction Video

Links to Lecture Videos & Assignment Materials:

Module 1: Strategic Planning with Executives

Module 2: Communicating with Stakeholders

Module 3: Advanced Estimating Techniques

Module 4: Advanced Risk Management

Module 5: Earned Value & Status Reporting

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