201 Managing Multiple Projects

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With reading assignments, lectures and case studies, this course teaches you201 the technical and interpersonal skills needed to successfully manage multiple projects in an organization.

You begin by analyzing a failed project. You will identify the scheduling or budget flaws in the plan as well as the weaknesses in the organization’s project management processes. From that analysis, you’ll present your findings to the executives (role-played by your instructor) and persuade them to adopt more effective project management processes for the organization. Then you’ll design a project program with multiple components that affect every department. You’ll complete the strategic planning and persuade the executives to adopt your program recommendation. Next you will work with the executives to prioritize all the projects in the organization’s portfolio and allocate resources based those priorities. In the final presentation, you’ll persuade the executives to cancel certain projects so the portfolio is in balance and is achievable.

Course Modules

Module 1: Critique of a Failing Program & Organization

Module 2: Portfolio Management

Module 3: Strategic Design & Positioning

Module 4: Forecasting, Estimating & Managing Risk

Module 5: Managing PMs, Teams & the PMO

Module 6: Portfolio Tracking & Trade-offs

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