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Project Team Building Video

Project team building is a critical success factor. Every project manager wants a project team that is composed of highly motivated, aggressive problem solvers who are totally committed to their deliverables, budget and due date and completely support all the other members of the team. Are there teams like this? Yes, but very very few. […]

Effective Feedback

An important part of a leader’s job is setting norms of behavior and conduct. These help the team work together effectively and efficiently. You, as the leader, must set and enforce these norms of behavior. You have to reinforce positive behavior and change negative behavior.  Part of behavior change comes when you criticize a team […]

Project Launch

The project launch meeting has several purposes. These include: – establishing expectations for performance and behavior – explaining how team members’ tasks are connected to the scope and objective of the project – explaining how the project result will affect the team members’ performance evaluation – explaining how good performance on their task(s) can benefit the […]

Leadership & Team Assignments

There are two alternative techniques for assigning work to your team members. The easiest is to assign them activities; like items on a “To Do” list. That doesn’t take much thinking and it’s usually a bit vague. The harder way is to assign accountability for producing a deliverable with acceptance criteria. That takes a lot […]

Team Types

When you take over a team from another leader, one of the first things you do is make a quick assessment of the team’s culture or type. While each of the individual team member will be different, you always find there is an overall project team culture that has developed. That culture reflects the previous […]

Leadership & Improving Team Performance

Improving Team Performance Improving a team’s performance starts with a review of the project manager’s leadership.  Project managers are often unaware of how their own performance and behavior affects the team’s performance and their attitudes. We’ll look at six ways project managers try to improve team performance that do NOT work. And we’ll analyze why they […]

Project Team Motivation

Project team motivation is every bit as important as developing a creative project plan, creating a tight schedule and spotting problems early. Too many project managers assume that their team members will be unaffected by their behavior in assigning work, solving problems and making estimates. That is very far from the truth because those three […]

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