Archive | June, 2015

A 4-Step Stakeholder Management Process

For a long time stakeholder management has focused on the need to identify your stakeholders so you can surface their requirements for the project. The rationale behind this was that requirements that spring up late in a project cost many times what they would cost early in the planning process. But the new focus adds to that […]

Keys to Successful Project Scheduling

Every project manager does project scheduling. Some do it on a yellow note pad, others use an Excel spreadsheet and still others use software specifically designed for project management. Some project managers have very little data to help them successfully managing their projects, deal with change orders or respond to variances. They may not even […]

The High Stakes Game of Project Management Estimating

Project estimates are tough for every project manager and doing it well is often the difference between consistent success and frequent failure. Let’s look at some of the fantasies surrounding project estimates and then how to do it right. Project Estimating Main Page In the real world, estimating a project’s duration and cost is a […]

Project Plan Approval – Video

Every project manager must get Project Plan Approval before they begin work. That includes getting the “go-ahead” for the plan, schedule and budget for a new project. Even if you have been working closely with the sponsor and stakeholders, there is still the need to persuasively present the information you have spent so much time developing. Too many […]

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