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Top Down Project Planning

In many organizations, managers and senior management view project planning as a waste of time. To them, the project plan is needless. They want to “start work immediately without wasting time in useless planning meetings and creating mounds of paperwork.” As a result, project managers have difficulty engaging management in the project-planning task. Why do they […]

How To: Post-Project Review

The post-project review processes are ineffective in most organizations. Consequently, they suffer from the same mistakes on one project after another. Even worse, the bigger the project failure, the less likely the organization is to learn from it. The same issues that cause a project to fail also prevent the people involved from learning from that failure. Organizations need […]

How To Initiate Projects

Projects fail when executives and stakeholders initiate projects like they’re ordering lunch at the drive-through window of a fast-food joint. In this situation, you, the project manager, can’t control the scope so the project finishes late and produces very little business value. Consistent project failure usually starts when PMs and sponsors initiate projects with fast food order-taking techniques. […]

How To Use the Project Critical Path Technique

The critical path is the longest sequence of tasks in a project. It determines the project’s duration and completion date. It’s easy to use project critical path analysis to determine the duration and optimize your project plans to finish as quickly as possible. Let’s see an example of how to correctly use the critical path technique. Project […]

Super Project Manager

When Do We Need a Super Project Manager? A solid process and good methodology is not enough to guarantee success. If it was possible to be successful by implementing the right methodology, all rich companies would have managed to buy or copy it somehow, and we would experience minimal failure rates in projects. Unfortunately we […]

Project Management Careers – Join a Profession In Demand

Project management careers offer you one of the fastest growing professions because people who have the ability to deliver business results on time and within budget are needed in every industry. Project managers are in demand all over the world and in both public and private sectors. Salaries are high with the average income of […]

Questions about the PMP® Exam

Preparing to pass the Project Management Institutes’s (PMI)® Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam is tough. People have lots of questions about the PMP exam. Here are answers to some of the most common questions. Project Manager Certifications Main Page Is there somewhere I can find a list of all the questions/answers that are going to be […]

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