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Super Project Manager

When Do We Need a Super Project Manager?

A solid process and good methodology is not enough to guarantee success. If shutterstock_3608207it was possible to be successful by implementing the right methodology, all rich companies would have managed to buy or copy it somehow, and we would experience minimal failure rates in projects. Unfortunately we know this is not the case. In many studies the failure rate (missing, scope,time, budget) of the projects is above 50%.  Project Manager Skills Main Page

Projects are not mechanical entities, far from that. As organizations of biological entitles they inherit all the non-deterministic characteristics of a bio entity, resulting in situations where the same inputs do not produce consistent results. As result the skills needed to be consistently successful are subtle, and a lot of them on the human side. Below a list of powers that make the super-project manager consistently successful.

1) The Super Sight
It is of utmost importance, to see beyond. Dig deep and understand. To read, be prepared, ask questions, be on top of things. Definitely, you can not manage what you don’t understand. Just scratching the surface of problems and doing decisions on shallow waters want do any good to the project and your career perspective.

2) Self Sacrifice
Have a look at each of the important superheros, the community comes first. Same for the super PM. He establishes himself in the service of the project. The PM is there to help, not to be avoided. Although he has immense powers inherent from the almighty sponsor, they are put to use for helping, not scaring the team. If the project manager is open to help, it encourages the team members to come forward and bring up uncovered issues, risks, giving to the PM the possibility to spot and avoid obstacles earlier. It creates a climate of trust and a we-are-on-the-same-side mindset.

3) No Tolerance for the Villains
Everybody knows that supper man is friend to the good and a nightmare of villain. Same for the super-PM. Every team-member, functional manger, even the almighty sponsor know better than to mess with the trust of the super-PM. A super-PM establishes a climate of clear accountability and no-justifications.

4) Consistency and Discipline
People are watching. Even when you talk to only one of the team members, everyone is watching. If you ask people to behave, to reply on time, to work overtime, be aware everyone expects you to do the same. If your talk doesn’t match your walk, soon enough you will be the one full-of-garbage. It takes discipline walk the talk, and it takes discipline to win respect.

5) Tools & Flexibility
Name one, from supper man, to batman, spiderman,007 they all have tools. Tools that serve excellent on most situations. And if the tools are not enough they improvise. A super-PM has all the gadgets and templates to guide and help the team start-to-the end of the project, yet he has as well the flexibility to adapt to the situation and characteristics of the environment. He is flexible to to understand and if necessary deviate from the template.

6) Empathy
The super-PM relates with people,smile and is sad with them. He has powers, yet he cares. This is the reason people trust him, he is one of them.