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Risk Management Plan Presentation

Regardless of the size of your project and the risk management effort, you always have to present the risk management plan. You need to put yourself in the mind of your audience. The audience at your presentation will often be hostile, in the sense that they don’t believe spending money and time on risk management improves the odds of completing […]

Risk Tradeoffs

Executives do not like project managers to mention risk (or planning for it) because they prefer to think the project manager can execute the project without any uncertainty. They also don’t want to pay any price for risk planning. However, it is a real impossible mission not to consider the risk tradeoffs on your project. The […]

3 Point Project Estimating: Padding, Accuracy, Commitment

Estimating is tricky for project managers with many conflicting pressures: The customer or user wants the project done quickly and cheaply. You, as PM, want to finish on time and within budget. For commitment, the team needs to participate in a process their perceive as fair The estimating technique should yield accurate numbers and some […]

User Relationships

User Relationships with Mistrust, Doubt and Fear Drain Your Team’s Energy and Creativity By now, l’ve learned one thing for sure. Project management does not give a receipt of guaranteed success. It takes effort to manage people, align their goals and focus their efforts to achieve a common objective. People are susceptible to moods, interests, […]

How To Use Dynamic Project Scheduling

Dynamic project scheduling and the diagram of a predecessor network show us the sequence of tasks and let us design concurrent or parallel tasks. This can significantly shorten a project’s duration. Project Schedule & Software Main Page Successful project managers use dynamic project scheduling because it saves them significant amounts of time and lets them quickly model the impact […]

What is Project Leadership? – Video

What is project leadership? It’s the techniques that project managers use to set standards of behavior and performance on the project team, motivate the team members to high performance and rally the team members when the project has problems to overcome. All of those tasks are particularly challenging because most project managers are technically oriented […]

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