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Project Failure

Why Projects Fail So Often Some organizations have project failure rates that threaten their existence. In some cases they can’t deliver to a customer or client profitably. In other cases they can’t deliver new products and services that allow them to successfully compete. The failure rates are as high as 70%. Enterprise Project Management Hub […]

Project Rescue

In many organizations,  saving failing projects is a regular part of the job of all project managers. Most PMs have had to rescue their own projects from time to time. In fact, one of the traits of superstar PMs is that they can bring their own projects back from the edge of defeat. So how should you do a project […]

Project Manager Certification

Earning a project manager certification is one of the paths into a project management career. It can lead to the upper levels of project, program and portfolio management. Getting into project management for people with a some experience is easier if you have earned your first project management certification. That certification could be in a specific industry […]

Team Assignments – Video

First, let’s watch a video about what the first meeting with a team member should deliver. Next we’ll discuss an example of a team member assignment that, unfortunately, is typical. Then we’ll talk about the right way to make team assignments. The goal of this example project is to improve the quality of the applicants that Human Resources refers to line managers […]

How To Manage Remote Project Teams

Over the last 10 years, technology has provided more opportunity for teams to collaborate remotely, whether working from home, varied offices, or another country. This brings potential communication barriers into the picture.  Email, text messaging, teleconferencing, among other technologies, have allowed for project teams to collaborate effectively. Working remotely, however, can also create some challenges when […]

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