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Project Management Software

Project Management Software comes in many degrees of sophistication and prices range from $50 to $20,000 or more. The Project Management Software itself doesn’t make you more effective; it just makes you more efficient. The software doesn’t teach you how to define the scope, communicate with the project sponsor or make clear assignments to your team members.  It […]

Fast Track Project Planning

Fast Track Project Planning is a technique project managers can use when the sponsor pressures them to start work quickly.  Sponsors often voice these complaints about planning: “I don’t want you to waste a lot of time on meetings and paperwork. Let’s start work! “We can plan this project as we go.  So start work now!” “We need […]

Large Project Planning Techniques

When your success as a project manager leads to larger assignments, you should learn and be ready to use these Large Project Planning Techniques.  Planning larger projects requires different techniques than those that are successful fro small projects . When you started your career in project management, the projects were small and planning was relatively easy. […]

Risk Strategy – Video

Here is how to plan a Risk Strategy for your project. You have gone through the risk identification process and you have done qualitative analysis of those risks. You may have also done quantitative analysis on a few major risks. Now you have your data on the probability of each risk occurring and the magnitude of the […]

Risk Management Plan – Video

Successful project managers always have a Risk Management Plan to avoid fires on their projects. That’s much better than putting out the flames after they have ignited.  These PMs don’t need “all-hands” emergency meetings when something unexpected happens. They don’t need to bring all project work to a halt and give people new tasks to respond […]

Project Management Certifications

Project Management Certifications: Functional and Specialty You can earn Project Management Certifications in functional and specialty areas in addition to the certifications offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and PRINCE2®. Project managers should include those options in planning their career skills and credentials for advancement. Project Management Certifications: What Functional and Specialty Certifications are Available? Project managers can […]

Why Is a Change Control Process Needed?

Let’s talk about why you need a Change Control Process. Have you ever had one of those days, when you have reviewed the schedule and the project is running tight?  Then a manager walks into your cube and tells you to “squeeze in” a change to the scope and maintain the current completion date.  You […]

Team Building Techniques

Let’s talk about Team Building Techniques that determine the team’s level of performance. These techniques are used for three Moments of Truth (MOT). If team leaders handle them properly, these Moments of Truth (MOT) produce team members who actually try to do the following: finish assignments early take responsibility for solving problems and try to find better, faster […]

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