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Project Requirements Video

Project Requirements: The Key to Stakeholder Management, Scope Control & Change Requests Managing project requirements builds the foundation for: Effective scope and change control Strong support from stakeholders and users Finishing your project without last-minute requirements surprises. Stakeholders are the principal focus of managing project requirements. You must continuously try to identify new stakeholders so you […]

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is one of the most important tasks in project management.  Stakeholders are the people who are affected, positively or negatively, by the project.  You must make an effort to the identify the project stakeholders early in the planning process.  Let’s look at an example of a small project and see how to identify […]

Enterprise Project Management

When we talk about enterprise project management, we’re talking about the processes organizations use to initiate, plan, monitor and control, track and close projects. We also include processes to prioritize projects and allocate resources to them. Quite simply, enterprise project management is an organization’s way of doing projects. At a minimum, these processes should include: 1.) How the […]

How to Run Project Meetings

One of the biggest complaints we all hear is that there are too many project meetings. They prevent people from doing “real” work.  Project meetings come in all sizes: sponsor meetings, cabinet meetings, stakeholder meetings, status meetings, working meetings, brainstorming meetings, etc. The types of meetings depends on the organization and the complexity of the project.  In this […]

Project Management Process

Organizations realize many benefits when they have a project management process that is consistently used by all the project managers in the organization. The process does not require a big investment in software, although some components are best done with automation. Many companies do the whole project management process on a PC. But the technical aspects are the easy […]

Project in Trouble

Is Your New Project In Trouble Already? As project managers, we spend a lot of time and energy staying on top of the projects we’re responsible for.  But let’s say the boss hands you a project that’s already underway, one that you’re not familiar with and that has been managed by someone who is no […]

Project Management Risk – Three Levels

The project management risk process has a bad reputation among executives. Often that reputation is well deserved. Too many project managers get carried away with fancy mathematics, too many meetings and far too much paperwork. The cost and level of effort are out of proportion to the benefits the project receives from the risk management effort. […]

Matrix Project Team

In the matrix project team, you borrow people from other departments, not from your own. Matrix project teams have always been popular with project managers. They are a way to get resources for your project without paying consulting fees or persuading people in your organization to give up some of their staff.  That sounds like a fabulous bargain but […]

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