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Project Stakeholders

Managing Project Stakeholders As you move ahead in your project management career, you advance from managing small project teams who may share a common superior and work in the same department. The scope of those projects is aimed at providing something that project sponsor wants. They may be the only project stakeholder. After some project […]

Project Cash Flow

Making Sure the Project Cash Flow Will be There Just as project managers must secure the availability of the project team members and the materials or equipment required for the tasks, they must also secure the project cash flow availability. While some contractors will wait until the completion of the project to receive payment, others must be paid […]

Overconfidence in Project Management

Most successful professionals have a great deal of confidence. This is particularly true of project managers.  They have climbed the technical ladder to reach the project manager position and a few successes may have elevated them in the eyes of management above the other project managers.  This can cause overconfidence which is a situation ripe for […]

Project Portfolio Management Software

More money and time gets wasted trying to automate project portfolio management (multiple projects) than on any other project management tool. The reason for the waste is that decision-makers lose sight of the purpose of portfolio management. Other agendas, purposes and goals take over and lead to all the waste and kill the effort. These killers […]

Project Meeting Agenda

As a Project Manager on any size project, one of your most important tasks is to regularly communicate with your team by following this project meeting agenda.  It is a very simple set of rules that tell your team members and stakeholders what to be ready to discuss and what decisions they should be prepared […]

Project Sponsor Role – Video

The project sponsor role is the most important one. It’s more important than the project manager or project team member or project stakeholder. Why is the sponsor role so important? Because of the accountabilities that go along with it. These are: Set the goal of the project in measurable terms with acceptance criteria Secure funding […]

How to Estimate Project Cost and Duration – Video

Project managers must know how to estimate project cost and duration. The first questions a sponsor or boss always asks about a project are: How long will it take? How much it will cost? When will you finish? They might ask that after just 5 minutes of discussion about a new project. Whenever you hear those […]

Critical Path Tasks

People who manage projects, either full-time as a project manager or part-time as a department manager, know that the critical path is the longest path of tasks in a project. It determines the duration of the entire project. They also know which of the tasks in the project are Critical Path Tasks. But knowing the definition and […]

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