Archive | July, 2016

Team Culture on Your Project Team

The Team Culture on your project affects the team’s productivity, work attitudes and overall commitment to the project. It is affected by you as the project manager as well as the larger organizational culture. The key question is how does a leader affect the culture in positive ways and extinguish any negative aspects?   Project Teams Main […]

What is Scope Creep?

What is scope creep? It is a parasite which, if the project manager and sponsor let it flourish, busts budgets and overruns schedules. It doesn’t attack the project once, it attacks dozens or hundreds of times. In each of these attacks, a good idea is added to the project that increases the amount of work to […]

Poor Performing Team Member

Sooner or later, every project manager will encounter a Poor Performing Team Member who is just not cutting the mustard. They may be a once good team member whose performance has fallen off or a new employee who is failing to meet expectations. I’ve had to deal with Poor Performing Team Members on several occasions, […]

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