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Critical Listening

The Art of Critical Listening is improving the personal connection you make with team members and project stakeholders by intensely engaging as you listen to what they say. This works because most people are not accustomed to having their words carfully listened to by others. You’re probably familiar with the terms “critical thinking” and the […]

Project Questions Video

All project managers spend a great deal of time with executives handling Project Questions after status reports, project plan presentations and discussions of change requests. How the project manager handles these project questions will have a significant impact on the  level of executive support the project receives. Project Questions Video Synopsis You’ll see a project manager who has […]

Practical Project Methodology

A practical project methodology is a set of instructions and steps for people to follow in doing a project. There is great advantage to the organization from having a methodology which is followed on all projects. This does a couple of things for the organization: 1. Every executive who sponsors projects and everyone who works […]

Managing Project Conflicts – Video

Managing project conflicts is a regular and ever-present part of a project manager’s life. For a project manager to have a consistently successful track record on his or her projects, they need to be able to resolve project conflicts. Some conflicts are project threatening. Those are the conflicts that involve disputes between executives and your […]

Project Team From Hell – Video

Watch the Project Team From Hell point fingers at each other just before a big status report meeting with the company president. These people have so many excuses they don’t know which ones they’re going to use or who they will blame for all their screw ups. Listen to the hysteria, the deceit and the finger-pointing. Does […]

Project Stakeholder Management

Project stakeholder management includes identifying and dealing with the executives, managers,employees, customers, contractors and users who will be affected by the deliverables your project produces. The list of stakeholders also includes people who will be lending resources to your project team and helping you gather requirements. In the beginning of your project manager career when your […]

Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback That Changes Behavior Project managers and team leaders will always have some poor performing team members. Poor performance can encompass assignments that are not what you expect regarding quality, timeliness or completeness. Constructive feedback is an effective tool for changing the behavior of poor performers. It is also useful to give constructive feedback to team members whose assignments meet all the requirements and your […]

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