Archive | September, 2016

New Product Launch

You settled  down at a table in the company cafeteria with status reports on three of the projects in the program you were managing. You decided to start with the most problematic of your projects and opened that folder, managing to remove the staple with a knife without stabbing yourself. At a neighboring table, people from sales, marketing, […]

Project Management Maturity in Organizations

The project management maturity in an organization is an important guidepost for its project managers. In some organizations this process leads to bureaucratic procedures, endless documentation and paperwork. These waste a great deal of time and have no beneficial impact on their project success rates. In other organizations, the project management processes mature by becoming leaner and […]

Project Feasibility – Video

Many organizations require project sponsors and their project managers to prepare a project feasibility assessment of new projects before they are authorized to proceed. Organizations can call them by different names but the project feasibility assessment is part of the project approval process. It’s basically a justification for the project. The review by management committees is the only […]

Project Launch – Video

Project launch, also called project initiation, is a critical phase of every project. If it is not done properly, the odds of the project’s success drop significantly. The purpose of the launch/initiation meeting is to build team member and stakeholder enthusiasm for the project. The project manager must also communicate the key strategic issues for the […]

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