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Project Team From Hell – Watch Them Fail Miserably

At some time in their career, everyone who manages projects has had a Project Team From Hell that failed miserably. The team not only failed to achieve the project’s goals, it also ruined several personal lives, careers and marriages. Let’s watch this one. We’ll zoom in to Royster Industries and meet some of the characters that turned this group […]

Time Estimation: The Wrong Way – Video

Time Estimation is part of every project manager’s daily life. Project managers have to make time estimates at the very beginning of every project, during the initiation phase. That’s because the sponsor needs to know when the project will be done. The sponsor wants to be sure the PM will meet his due date expectation. The […]

PERT Estimates – Teaching Your Team How to Do It

PERT Estimates (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) are sometimes called 3-point estimates. The reason this technique is a best practice is that it gives you three benefits: Increased accuracy Useful information on the risks of each task that you estimate Better commitment from the project team members because the estimate considers the task’s risks.   […]

Business Strategy

Project managers, especially those who manage medium and large size projects, must understand how their project fits into the business strategy of the sponsoring executive and the organization. To do a good job of planning and managing a new project, the project manager can’t focus on just the technical issues of plans, schedules, budgets and change orders. What is the Business […]

CAPM Exam – Pass The First Time

Passing the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) exam the first time and earning the CAPM® credential, requires you to pass a rigorous 3-hour exam from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. You have to answer questions about the project management processes, definitions of the inputs, outputs, tools and techniques and the basic mathematical formulas used in project […]

Project Stakeholders – How to Influence Them

Project Stakeholders are anyone who is impacted by the project. That includes managers and executives, users, contractors, vendors and team members. Watch this “project manager in action” video about influencing project stakeholders. It’s followed by a discussion of the best techniques for influencing the stakeholders and gaining their support for your project. Project Stakeholders Main Page […]

Project Management Plan – Video

Knowing how to create a Project Management Plan is tricky. The size of the project is not important. People mistakenly think that longer project plans are better than shorter ones. They think the plan’s word count reflects the amount of thinking that’s gone into the document. The opposite is usually true. In our 25+ years […]

Bad Project Planning Tools – A Project From Hell Video

A Project From Hell always begins with bad project planning tools. Watch as a project manager uses fairly typical, but poor, planning tools and estimating techniques to develop the hours and due dates for the project team. Then you’ll see private interviews with each of the team members and hear their reaction to the project manager’s planning […]

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