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Dysfunctional Project Team – Video

Dick Billows, PMP
Dick Billows, PMP
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When you inherit a project from another project manager (whether your successor was fired or somehow managed to escape to another project), you have to watch for the danger signs of a dysfunctional team. There are consistent early warning signs of a problem team.

Dysfunctional Project Team: Warning Signs

Early in your tenure as the new project manager, a stream of people from your project team  may warn you about other team members. The offenses include a laundry list of “sins,” such as: treachery, bad behavior, low productivity, poor quality work and disruptive behavior. These people may say they’re coming to warn you. But what they’re trying to do is stab  fellow team members in the back.
Another kind of behavior can come from the more experienced and senior members of the project team. They may suggest that other team members have already badmouthed you to the company’s senior management.
You need to be careful not to overreact to any of these situations. Most of the information is untrue. And it certainly is not intended to help you.

Dysfunctional Project Team: The PM’s Focus

What you have to focus on is the progress being made on the project’s plan. That includes determining how well each of your team members is doing with their assignment. While you’re reviewing that, you also need to confirm the project scope with senior management. You must “take the temperature” of your key stakeholders to avoid surprises from them. Now you’re ready to tackle your dysfunctional project team.

Watch a project manager in action video about a project manager who inherits a dysfunctional team. See the steps he takes to make them productive and to finish the project on time and within budget. He meets with each team member individually and then with the entire group. He uses a variety of motivational techniques to turn the dysfunctional  group into a productive team. Leading Teams Main Page

How To Manage a Dysfunctional Team - Video