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What is WBS

What is the WBS – The WBS or work breakdown structure is a listing of every task we need to complete in the project. After the project manager lists all the tasks, he or she links them with predecessors that control the sequence of the tasks. Then the PM assigns people to each task in […]


Work Breakdown Structure WBS

WBS: Deliverables or a “To Do” List? The work breakdown structure WBS  provides the foundation on which a project manager works.  The PM uses the WBS to control the project and the team. The WBS also provides the checkpoints against which the PM and the organization measure progress (What is the WBS).  In the project management world, […]


Create WBS with Team Members

The WBS or work breakdown structure is a listing of every deliverable that the team must produce. Creating WBS with team members  is a great opportunity to improve people’s commitment to the project and give them a sense of ownership. Usually, the project team sees their tasks after the project manager lists everything they have […]


One Project Plan Does Not Fit All Projects

One Project Plan Does Not Fit All Projects There is a great deal of science in project management but there’s also a lot of art. The art comes in deciding which processes, tools and techniques are best for each new project. The easy answer is to impose the same project planning process on every project. […]


Top Down Project Planning

Creating the project plan is the first step in every project and we do it with Top Down Project Planning.  To be successful as a project manager you always have to have a project plan. It does not have to be a lengthy document; excellent project plans are often one side of one piece of […]


Project Plan Template

With each new project, you need to decide what project plan template elements to include, which to exclude and how to develop them on this particular project. You can use this project plan template to define the project scope, identify major deliverables, and manage project risks, the constraints and the resources your project requires. This […]


Is Project Planning a Waste of Time?

In many organizations, managers and even senior management see little (if any) value; project planning is a waste of time. To them, the project plan is needless and wasted paperwork and meetings. As a result, project managers have a difficulty engaging management in the project-planning task. What are the reasons for this attitude and the […]


Work Breakdown – How Many Tasks

Starting work on your project before creating a work breakdown guarantees that you will waste resources, money and have a very small chance for project success. Work breakdown is central to everything a project manager does.  It is also a prime determinant of the project success. We build this listing of tasks by decomposing the project […]


Work Breakdown Structure Size

People wonder about the best size for the work breakdown structure. The answer depends on the capabilities of the project team and the complexity of the project. The WBS for a very inexperienced project team will lean toward relatively small assignments and, thus, a larger work breakdown structure. The other extreme is a project team […]


Work Breakdown Structure Review

Over our 25 years of experience helping organizations improve their project performance, has taught us that the WBS or work breakdown structure is the best predictor of the success of a new project. By reviewing the work breakdown structure before a project starts it is relatively easy to determine a five key success factors: Will […]


Clear Performance Expectations in Work Breakdown Structure

The work breakdown structure is the spine of your project plan and schedule. However, the most important of function of all is to communicate clear performance expectations about the project. For executives, the work breakdown structure communicates exactly what they’re going to get from the project. That is what the business result will be. The WBS […]


MS Project Basics Online – #205

Individual Instruction; Customized for You, Your Pace and Schedule Personal Coaching as You Master Microsoft Project® Basics for Planning, Scheduling and Tracking Smaller Projects Customized for Your Schedule, Goals & the Skills You Want to Master Prepare Your Project Plan and Schedule. Then Present Them in a Private Meeting with Your Instructor to Gain Confidence […]


Project Lessons Learned

In most organizations, project lessons learned processes are ineffective. The organization suffers from the same mistakes on one project after another.  What is even worse is that the bigger the project failure, the less likely they are to learn from it.  The same issues that cause a project to fail also prevent the people involved […]


Project Trade Offs

Project Trade-Offs: The Language of Project Management Successful project managers use trade-offs between the scope, cost, duration, quality, risk, and resources when they assess problems and changes to the project plan. When anyone wants to add or change something in the existing project plan, you should always assess the impact on all six of the project’s […]


Project Forms Templates

Project Forms Templates vs. Re-inventing the wheel Project Managers are creative people, and that’s a good thing. Without creativity, we would not be able to react quickly to unforeseen challenges, and we would certainly not be able to structure a project. However, it is also human nature to try to customize and alter things until they […]


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