Project Management Library

Project Management Techniques Library

The articles in this project management techniques library are a sample of the full collection of videos, articles and templates that are available to our project management students.

project management techniques

project management techniques

These articles are about real-world projects with difficult project sponsors and challenging project teams to manage.  The articles are about the real world of project management not academic theories and vague concepts. The  articles are written by our project management faculty and by our Board of Experts  all of whom were practicing project managers.

These project and program managers are all former student of and they share the  techniques the use in practice. They also share with you the lessons they have learned during their project management careers. They explain the situations they faced and the  mistakes they made on these real-world projects.   Then they tell you the techniques that were successful for them in managing their projects to consistently good results.  These experts work for organizations like NASA, Deutche Bank, Cisco and many smaller companies on all seven continents. Enjoy the  information.

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