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Project Management Techniques Library

The articles in this project management techniques library are a sample of the full collection of videos, articles and templates that are available to our project management students.

project management techniques

project management techniques

These articles are about real-world projects with difficult project sponsors and challenging project teams to manage.  The articles are about the real world of project management not academic theories and vague concepts. The  articles are written by our project management faculty and by our Board of Experts  all of whom were practicing project managers.

These project and program managers are all former student of and they share the  techniques the use in practice. They also share with you the lessons they have learned during their project management careers. They explain the situations they faced and the  mistakes they made on these real-world projects.   Then they tell you the techniques that were successful for them in managing their projects to consistently good results.  These experts work for organizations like NASA, Deutche Bank, Cisco and many smaller companies on all seven continents. Enjoy the  information.

Lean Project Management

Summary: Projects start off lean & sleek; then they expand.  Soon they are devouring resources and eating up time with unnecessary features, fixtures and functionalities.  How do you keep the unnecessary stuff out of your projects? A Lean Project Management approach can help you avoid the problem. All Projects Put on Unnecessary Fat: That’s Not Lean Project […]

Project Risk Management

Project managers need  to be able to select the correct set of risk management techniques for each projects.  One size does not fit all and you need to tailor the approach so you get a good payback There are five components in the full risk management process: Risk identification Qualitative risk analysis Quantitative risk analysis […]

Project Lessons Learned

  In most organizations, project lessons learned processes are ineffective and the organization suffers from the same mistakes on one project after another.  Even worse, the bigger the project failure the less likely they are to learn from it.  The same issues that cause a project to fail also prevent the people involved from learning […]

Project Management Office Types

Many organizations get themselves into an expensive mess with their projects. The problems start to build as the number of projects launched increases due to company growth or external pressures. Many people remember when they first started doing projects. That was a pleasant time when people wanted to be on a project because it was exciting […]

Project Estimating Techniques

Summary: Estimating is tough for every project manager and doing it well is often the difference between consistent success and frequent failure.  Let’s look at some of the estimating fantasies and then how to do it right. The Frantic, Sweaty Reality of Project Estimating In the real world, project estimating for duration and cost is […]

WBS – Work Breakdown Structure

WBS: Deliverables or a “To Do” List Summary. The work breakdown structure provides the platform on which you control the project team and the check points against which you measure progress. When the WBS is a “To Do” list, you lose both those tools and must micromanage to control the effort. It’s amazing how often people ask: “How […]

Work Package

Key success factors for project managers include making crystal-clear assignments to their project team members so those team members understand what’s expected before they start work. A related success factor is having team members make realistic estimates so that the overall project estimates are accurate. It’s important for team members to be committed to those […]

Project Requirements Management

What If I Don’t Do Project Requirements Management? All too often, projects fail because their project managers and sponsors have ignored the advantages of project requirements management. Before you delete this article because it sounds like an invitation to endless paperwork and pointless meetings, recognize that project requirements management can let you finish the project on […]

Project Scheduling

Every project manager does project scheduling. Some do it on a yellow note pad, others use an Excel spreadsheet and still others use software specifically designed for project management. Some project managers have little or no data with which to manage their project, deal with change orders or respond to variances. They may not even […]

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