Project Management Techniques Library

The articles in this project management techniques library are a sample of the full collection of videos, articles and templates that are available to our project management students.

project management techniques

project management techniques

These articles are about real-world projects with difficult project sponsors and challenging project teams to manage.  The articles are about the real world of project management not academic theories and vague concepts. The  articles are written by our project management faculty and by our Board of Experts  all of whom were practicing project managers.

These project and program managers are all former student of and they share the  techniques the use in practice. They also share with you the lessons they have learned during their project management careers. They explain the situations they faced and the  mistakes they made on these real-world projects.   Then they tell you the techniques that were successful for them in managing their projects to consistently good results.  These experts work for organizations like NASA, Deutche Bank, Cisco and many smaller companies on all seven continents. Enjoy the  information.

Project Requirements Management

What If I Don’t Do Project Requirements Management? Projects often fail because their project managers and sponsors have ignored the advantages of project requirements management. Don’t stop reading this article because it sounds like an invitation to endless paperwork and pointless meetings. Continue reading because it has useful information about how project requirements management helps you […]

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Project Planning Techniques

When you start your career in project management, your projects are small and project planning is relatively easy. Often the project sponsor is your immediate supervisor and communication about the project’s business result and deliverables is clear. Because of this, the success rate on small projects is often quite high. But when your success on those […]


Project Risk Management

It’s difficult to “sell”executives on the value of project risk management. They often see project risk management as a waste of time and money. Project managers need to make the case that even a small amount of time, like a lunch with the right people, can repay the investment many times over. You can make […]


Project Estimating Techniques

The Tricky, Sweaty Reality of Project Estimating Project estimating is difficult for every project manager and doing it well is often the difference between consistent success and frequent failure.  Let’s look at some of the estimating fantasies and then discuss how to do it right. In the real world, project estimating for duration and cost […]


Project Lessons Learned

  In most organizations, project lessons learned processes are ineffective. The organization suffers from the same mistakes on one project after another.  What is even worse is that the bigger the project failure, the less likely they are to learn from it.  The same issues that cause a project to fail also prevent the people […]


Project Software

Let’s Talk About Buying the Right Project Management Software Project Software Overview Project software comes in many levels of sophistication with prices ranging from $50 to $20,000 or more. Software itself does not make you more effective; it just makes you more efficient. Project software does not teach you how to define the scope, communicate […]


Scalable Project Methodology

One Methodology Doesn’t Fit All Projects; You Need a Scalable Project Methodology Too often organizations get carried away with developing their own project methodology. They want everyone to use the most advanced project management techniques. And they think it is necessary to apply every detail in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) to every […]


Project Trade Offs

Project Trade-Offs: The Language of Project Management Successful project managers use trade-offs between the scope, cost, duration, quality, risk, and resources when they assess problems and changes to the project plan. When anyone wants to add or change something in the existing project plan, you should always assess the impact on all six of the project’s […]


Project Team Commitment

Having your project team committed to the project’s scope, deliverables, budget and completion date is a rare and valuable asset. It gives you a team that anticipates and solves problems early. This team will compensate for late finishes on some tasks by finishing early on others. You earn that kind of commitment with inspiring leadership […]


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