Construction Project Management Tools – #123

Add Advanced Construction Tools & Techniques and Earn 60 PDUs for PMP Recertification  $2,195

Construction Project Management Tools – Individual Online Coaching

Build on your knowledge of construction project management basics and learn advanced techniques for larger projects. These include commercial and residential new and remodel construction. You manage a construction project working with an expert project manager. You’ll learn to use real world tools and techniques, not vague academic concepts, for managing larger more complex construction projects.

You Will Master:

  • Strategic planning – learn how to lead a strategic planning session with the customer’s executives
  • Estimating – master five estimating techniques and when to use each one
  • Risk management – design and quantify a professional risk response plan
  • Personality typing – identify the personality types of customer executives and stakeholders. Use the best communication style to influence each person
  • Variance and earned value analysis – create and present professional status reports. Forecast the project duration and final cost

Private, customized training from an expert construction project manager

  • Review assignments with your instructor in live online video conferences
  • Get unlimited personal coaching, 1-to-1
  • Ask questions and have private video conferences when you wish

You control the schedule and pace, not your instructor

  • Do assignments whenever you want
  • Get written feedback within 24 hours
  • 100% online. Finish in a month or take up to a year

Live Meetings & Presentations with Your Instructor 

In your live meetings and presentations, your instructor plays the role of the customer’s executives in the project case study

  • He asks the kind of questions construction project managers must answer
  • He’ll call “time out” if you get off track, coach you and then you redo it
  • You get a video of your presentations with your instructor’s coaching/comments

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Construction Project Management Tools Online Course Tuition $2,195  

Earn 60 PDUs

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Our Credentials

  • We have been training project managers for over 25 years
  • PMI® had approved this course for 60 education hours (PDUs)
  • Major universities have approved this course for graduate school credit
  • We have had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for 17 years
  • Our staff consists of experienced project managers who have worked more than a decade in various industries


Construction Project Management Tools Modules: What you will learn and how you will practice these skills

Learn Skills & Techniques in Reading and Lectures

1. Strategic Planning – Learn techniques for analyzing complex construction situations and discovering conflicting goals from the customer’s executive team. Master several project design methodologies including: design-build, agile, waterfall and iterative. Learn the pros and cons of each for the customer’s project.

2. Stakeholder Management – Learn techniques to assess the personality and communication preferences of the customer executives and stakeholders. Then learn how to tailor your communications delivery to their preferences.

3. Estimating – Learn how to estimate cost and duration with order of magnitude, parametric, 3-point, analogous and rolling estimating techniques. Understand the pros and cons of each technique and when to use each one.

4. Risk Management – Learn how to identify the risks the project faces. Then master qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. Next, learn to develop risk responses for both negative and positive risks. Also learn how to identify the risk(s) you can avoid. Then develop contingency plans for the risks you can’t avoid.

5. Tracking, Earned Value, Tradeoffs & Critical Path – Learn to analyze the project’s actual performance versus the plan. Use both classic variance analysis and earned value techniques. Next, learn how to forecast the final cost and the completion date from earned value data.

Practice in Live Online Meetings & Presentations

1. Run a project planning meeting with the customer executives (role-played by your instructor) and guide them to agreement on the strategic steps to reach their project goal. Use design methodologies to break down high-level deliverables into their components and supporting deliverables.

2. Then have a live online meeting with each customer department head (role-played by your instructor). Use the communication approach that is correct for each personality type. Gather their requirements, define the achievements and build consensus.

3. Develop estimates for the project’s cost and duration using data provided by your instructor. Then present your estimates to the customer executives (role-played by your instructor). Answer their questions and defend your estimates when they want to slash the budget and cut the duration.

4. Assess the project’s risks using risk data provided by your instructor. Then develop a risk management plan. Your instructor will review your plan for technical correctness. Next, present your plan to the customer executives (role-played by your instructor). Gain their approval and support for your risk management plan.

5. Present the project’s overall status to the customer executives (role-played by your instructor). Include your action plan for fixing the problems and your forecast of the final cost and duration. Defend your plan and answer the executives’ questions.


How Our Individual Online Instruction Works

Construction Project Management Tools Online Course Tuition $2,195  

Earn 60 PDUs

Talk to an Advisor 1-303-596-0000

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