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Project Requirements Prototyping

A study by project management consulting company, PM Solutions, in 2011 examined 163 companies to identify top causes of IT projects failure, and requirements ranked right at the top. Requirements Main Page The issue with Project Requirements Prototyping is a communication issue. We humans express our thoughts and needs using a biased, misunderstand able medium, […]

What Is a Project

Wondering about what is a project and what is not? Here is an example of a project. The manager of the department you work in tells you the people are wasting time getting supplies from the supply room. He wants you to do a project to fix the problem. Most projects are small like this […]

Project Schedule Software Review

As the importance of project management increases in organizations, so does the number of tools available for people managing projects. In our latest project schedule software review, we found over 500 legitimate software packages. There were hundreds more that did not meet our minimum criteria, which was: 1. Produce a Gantt chart that clearly communicates […]

Order of Magnitude Estimates

We use order of magnitude (OOM) estimates at the beginning of a project. During the initiation phase, executives need information about how much the project will cost and how long it will take. They must decide if the project should go forward. They may also need to integrate this project with other projects the organization […]

Why Projects Fail

Many too organizations, projects fail and enterprise project management is a significant competitive weakness. These organizations are unable to deliver projects for their products or services on time or within budget.  The project managers, executives, sponsors and team members don’t know how to play their roles in the company project management process.  Additionally, their projects […]

Project Sponsor

Project sponsors play a critical role in projects and while many of these executives understand their role and play it well, there are many who do not. The project manager often has to deal with project sponsors who do not fulfill their role on the project. Because these people outrank the project manager, often by […]

Project Plan

Project plan documents do not have to be long. Often, a 1 to 2 page document is more than sufficient for small project and that small size also encourages people to actually read the project plan and identify the things they agree with and the things they don’t like. Getting perfect agreement on the project […]

Project Management Office Types

Many organizations get themselves into an expensive mess with their projects. The problems start to build as the number of projects launched increases due to company growth or external pressures. Many people remember when they first started doing projects. That was a pleasant time when people wanted to be on a project because it was exciting […]

Selling Projects

Whether a project manager works in a consulting firm or in an organizational department, he must “sell” projects to bring in the engagements or gain user support and approval.  Unfortunately, many project managers don’t understand that they must make a major effort to “sell” projects or they will fail. Let’s examine and discuss some situations. Selling […]

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