Project Management Basics – #101

Individual Online Instructor-led Course $1,995

Learn the Basic Techniques of Project Management with Online Instruction & Live Practice

This course is for people in business, finance, government and the arts who want to add project management skills to their “tool box.” 

Project Management Basics – Individual Online Coaching

Master the basic skills by managing a project as you work privately with your instructor, an expert project manager. Learn to use real world tools and techniques, not vague academic concepts. Master a proven step-by-step method for small and medium-size projects. You will know how to plan, schedule, track and report progress.

  • Learn how to plan projects and tasks: Ask the right questions of the boss, customer or client. Breakdown what they want into pieces you can manage. Present the project plan to management for their approval.
  • Learn how to schedule and assign tasks: Build a schedule (we teach you how to use project software). Accurately estimate work and time to finish as soon as possible. Make clear assignments that tell your team what you expect.
  • Learn how to track and report progress: Track progress against the plan. Spot problems early when they are easier to fix. Plan corrective action. Make and present a professional status report.

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Sample Course Materials

1. Meet the instructor and watch a scope lecture

2. Watch a “Project Manager in Action” video of a PM doing scope definition. See the wrong way, then the right way

Your instructor guides you through every step in a project during live video conferences

  • Private, customized hands-on training with an expert project manager
    • Do assignments when you wish; take up to 1 year to complete the course
    • Get feedback within 24 hours & discuss your assignments in private video conferences
    • Practice running meetings & giving presentations live with your instructor

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 Project Management Basics Online Course Tuition $1,995 

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Our Credentials

  • We have been training project managers for over 25 years
  • This course earns 30 education hours (PDUs) from PMI®
  • Major universities have granted graduate school credit for this course
  • We have had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for 17 years
  • Our staff consists of experienced project managers who have worked more than a decade in various industries

                    Project Management Basics Course Outline

1. Define the Scope – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Define the project objectives: the scope (goal)
  • Use the scope to avoid uncontrolled changes
  • Uncover the limits on cost and schedule

Scope Assignment – Live Scope Meeting with Sponsor 

  • Ask questions of the sponsor (played by your instructor) to define a clear scope
  • Gain their approval of the scope

2. Gather Requirements – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Identify all the project stakeholders
  • Learn what the stakeholders need (requirements) from the project
  • Link their requirements to the project scope

Requirements Assignment – Gather Stakeholders’ Requirements in Live Meetings

  • Meet with stakeholders (played by your instructor) to understand requirements
  • Define their deliverables
  • Use this information to manage change requests

3. Build a Project Plan – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Plan using deliverables, resources and risks
  • Estimate time and cost
  • Identify risks and plan how to avoid them

Project Software Assignment – Build a Plan and Work Breakdown Structure 

  • Present the plan to the boss and stakeholders (played by your instructor)
  • Answer their questions about the plan and gain their approval/support

4. Create a Schedule – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Estimate and sequence the tasks using project software
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Break down deliverables into team assignments

Schedule Assignment – Add Task Sequencing, Estimating and Team Assignments 

  • Review the schedule, WBS, task sequence and estimates with your instructor
  • Make improvements after each review

5. Trade-offs and Critical Path – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Develop alternative ways to do the project
  • Change the scope, schedule, costs and resources
  • Use the software to model ways to finish sooner and cut the cost
  • Develop trade-offs for the alternatives

Trade-offs and Critical Path Assignment – Present Trade-offs to the Sponsor in a Live Meeting

  • Discuss the trade-offs with the boss and stakeholders (played by your instructor)
  • Address their objections and reach consensus

6. Manage Conflicts – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Understand five strategies for resolving conflicts
  • Use each one to lower the impact on the project schedule and budget

Conflict Assignment – Watch a Video of Team Member Conflict and Resolve It

  • Determine the correct techniques to use for different conflict situations
  • Discuss your decisions with your instructor

7. Track Progress/Report Status – Reading, Lectures and Videos

  • Forecast the completion date and costs
  • Update the schedule to show results to-date
  • Identify problems
  • Use the software to model solutions and forecast final dates and costs

Status Report Assignment – Report Progress and Status in a Live Meeting

  • Update the schedule from team status reports
  • Spot problems and develop solutions
  • Present the status report to the boss and stakeholders (played by your instructor)
  • Answer their questions and address their concerns

How Individual Online Coaching Works: Course Features

 Project Management Basics Online Course Tuition $1,995 

Talk to an Advisor  1-303-596-0000

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