Project Webinars

Customized 2-hour Webinar for Your Organization

Let us create a customized project webinar for your people who manage projects. You can set the timing and duration of each of the in-person webinars where your people meet live with one of our expert project managers.Project Webinars

  • Lessons Learned Review of a Completed project
  • Plan Review for An Up Coming Project
  • Choose for Two Dozen Training Modules
    • Scope
    • Work breakdown
    • Scheduling
    • Risk Management
    • Full list below

You might want just a single two-hour session where we overview the basics of project management. You might want your people to complete a full course or certification in a series of 2 to 4 hour webinars with textbook reading, and discussions with questions and answers and homework assignments so your people have a chance to practice what they’ve learned on real projects. There be no travel expense for our faculty or your people.

Major Benefits of’s Live Online Webinars:

  • Your people improve their project management skills in as little as 2 hours from their desks
  • Train your people from around the city or the world with no travel costs
  • Get expert instruction focusing on your group’s training need
  • Customized for your people and projects
  • Private session for only your people
  • Webinars limited to 13 people to facilitate discussions and questions
  • All attendees receive a textbook and work book for each session.

Design Your Own Program

Basic Project Webinar Topics to Choose From

  1. Define project scope
  2. Gather Requirements
  3. Broad-brush plans
  4. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
  5. Dynamic project scheduling in MS Project
  6. Estimating and assigning tasks to resources
  7. Critical path and optimizing the schedule
  8. Negotiation & conflict resolution
  9. Problem solving and status reporting

Advanced Project Webinar Topics to Choose From

  1. Strategic project planning for larger cross-functional initiatives
  2. Stakeholder management and communications
  3. Advanced risk management techniques
  4. Advanced cost and duration estimating on
  5. Advanced status reporting, forecasting and alternatives analysis

2-hours for $3,000 or 3-hours for $4,500

We offer webinars in two sizes. The 2-hour webinars cover the basic topics of your choice. The 3-hour webinars cover the basic and advanced topics you choose plus a case study customized for the kind of projects your people manage. Both the 2-hour and 3-hour options include a textbook, workbook for the session and live discussions led by one of our expert project managers, all of whom have more than 10 years of industry experience. The 3-hour sessions also include a case study customized for the kind of projects your people manage. This assignment is done during the webinar and allows participants to apply what they are learning and get feedback from their instructor.

Webinar Content

Our webinars begin with a discussion of best practices for the topic, like work breakdown structure or dynamic scheduling. Attendees can ask questions of the instructor and receive either a private or public answer. We also use brief “project manager in action” videos so attendees can see some of the common mistakes project managers make. They will then see a project manager  working with executives, team members, stakeholders and vendors the right way.  Next, we’ll discuss the challenges of implementing these best practices on their projects.

If your webinar is 3 hours long, attendees will practice applying what they are learning to a case study that was distributed to them in advance of the webinar. After giving them time to work on the case study, there will be a group discussion of how to do it. Each attendee will also receive written feedback on their work.

Call to speak to one of our instructors 800-942-4323

Call to speak to one of our instructors 800-942-4323