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Get the tools and techniques you need to develop the project plan including: the project scope, charter, project management plans, project planning templates, procedures and forms.

Project Plan Template

On every new project, you need to decide what Project Plan Template elements to include, what to exclude and how to develop them on each particular project. You can use this project plan template to define the project scope and identify major deliverables. You can also use it to manage the risks and constraints as […]

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Project Plan Blunder #2 – Turf Wars

A project sponsor is meeting with the department managers who are her subordinates. She’s called them together to tell them their company is receiving terrible publicity. Their horrid customer service has made the front page of the local paper. She needs them to create a project plan to improve their customer service. The sponsor explains that they need an integrated effort. Each […]

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Project Management Foundations – First Project Video

Every project manager learns the Project Management Foundations on their first project.  These foundations give them the skills they will use on every project they manage. Our video is about a brand-new project manager starting her first project with an executive who doesn’t know how to correctly sponsor the project. In fact this executive, Mr. Cordalon, […]

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What is Scope Creep?

What is scope creep? It is a parasite which, if the project manager and sponsor let it flourish, busts budgets and overruns schedules. It doesn’t attack the project once, it attacks dozens or hundreds of times. In each of these attacks, a good idea is added to the project that increases the amount of work to […]

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Small Project Plan

Do I Really Need a Project Plan for a Small Project? So they assigned you a small project to straighten up the supply room. Only two of you are going to work on it. It shouldn’t take more than two weeks. Everybody’s talking about how you need to get this one out of the way so the company can […]

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Fast Track Project Planning

Fast Track Project Planning is a technique project managers can use when the sponsor pressures them to start work quickly.  Sponsors often voice these complaints about planning: “I don’t want you to waste a lot of time on meetings and paperwork. Let’s start work! “We can plan this project as we go.  So start work now!” “We need […]

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Top Down Project Planning

In many organizations, managers and senior management view project planning as a waste of time. To them, the project plan is needless. They want to “start work immediately without wasting time in useless planning meetings and creating mounds of paperwork.” As a result, project managers have difficulty engaging management in the project-planning task. Why do they […]

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Project Plan Approval – Video

Every project manager must get Project Plan Approval before they begin work. That includes getting the “go-ahead” for the plan, schedule and budget for a new project. Even if you have been working closely with the sponsor and stakeholders, there is still the need to persuasively present the information you have spent so much time developing. Too many […]

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Project Launch

The project launch meeting has several purposes. These include: – establishing expectations for performance and behavior – explaining how team members’ tasks are connected to the scope and objective of the project – explaining how the project result will affect the team members’ performance evaluation – explaining how good performance on their task(s) can benefit the […]

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