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These articles cover the tools and techniques project managers use to develop the work breakdown structure or WBS. They include techniques for breaking down (decomposing) the project scope into major deliverables and then lower level deliverables. The process continues down to the level of assignments for individual team members. The articles discuss methods for decomposing the scope, how to involve the project team in the development of the work breakdown structure and how to present the work breakdown structure to the project sponsor for approval.

Work Breakdown Structure Size

Starting work on your project before deciding about work breakdown structure size is a mistake. It guarantees that you will waste resources, money and have a very small chance for project success. The WBS is central to everything a project manager does. It is also a prime determinant of the project success. We build this listing […]

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What is WBS?

What is the WBS? The WBS or work breakdown structure  is a list of every task the team needs to complete in the project. After the project manager lists all the tasks, he or she links them with predecessor tasks that control the sequence of the tasks. Then the project manager assigns resources to each task in the […]

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Work Breakdown Structure WBS – Video

Work Breakdown Structure WBS: Deliverables or a “To Do” List? The work breakdown structure (WBS) provides the foundation on which a project manager works. The project manager uses the Work Breakdown Structure to control the project and the work of the team. The WBS also provides the checkpoints against which the project manager, the sponsor and […]

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WBS – Healthcare Projects

A key part of a good healthcare project plan is the work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS for Healthcare Projects specifies the work assignment for every person working on the project.  It also specifies the deliverables the customer or sponsor will get. And it provides checkpoints for the organization’s management to track the project’s performance. WBS – Healthcare Projects: Step One Creating […]

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WBS – Construction Projects – Video

A key part of a good construction project plan is the work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS – Construction Projects specifies the work assignment for every crew member, subcontractor, architect, and outside consulting engineer working on the project.  It also specifies the deliverables the customer will get. That definition is in the form of an […]

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WBS – Information Technology Projects – Video

The work breakdown structure is the heart of a successful WBS – Information Technology project plan. The work breakdown structure (WBS) defines the deliverables in objectively measurable terms, like retrieve 6 months of customer history in 4 seconds. It fits the systems developmental methodology you will use in the project, like Agile, Waterfall, Iterative, etc.  It defines the users’ expectations […]

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WBS Project Management

Our 25 years of experience helping organizations improve their project performance has taught us that the work breakdown structure or WBS is the best predictor of the success of a new project. By reviewing the work breakdown structure before a project starts it is relatively easy to determine five key project success factors: Will the […]

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Create WBS

The WBS or work breakdown structure is a listing of every deliverable that the team must produce. Creating the WBS with team members  is a great opportunity to improve people’s commitment to the project and give them a sense of ownership. Usually, the project team sees their tasks after the project manager lists everything they […]

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