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A project management methodology should be a part of any organization’s effort to be consistently successful at project management. The methodology must be tailored to the organization’s people, culture and projects and should have three characteristics. The methodology should provide a menu for project managers to follow so that all projects are managed with a reasonable level of consistency. However, the methodology must be flexible so that it can be scaled to fit different sized projects. It also needs to be adaptable for projects with different levels of strategic significance and scope.

Project Methodology Stages

It’s important for project managers to understand the project methodology stages in organizations. Here are the five stages organizations go through as their project methodology evolves and reaches project management maturity: 1. Ad-hoc projects 2. Increasing density 3. Resource overload 4. Initiation control 5. Consistent success  Project Methodology Main Page Knowing how the project methodology stages evolve in an organization can […]

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Project Management Methodology – 3 Tiers to Fit Project Size & Scope

A project management methodology is the glue that binds all the organization’s project management processes and techniques into a coherent tool where everyone understands their role and obligations. Without a methodology you can’t exercise control over the portfolio of projects to ensure all of them produce business value and doesn’t waste financial and human resources. The project management […]

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Practical Project Methodology

A practical project methodology is a set of instructions and steps for people to follow in doing a project. There is great advantage to the organization from having a methodology which is followed on all projects. This does a couple of things for the organization: 1. Every executive who sponsors projects and everyone who works […]

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PMOs Project Management Offices Usually Fail

Why PMOs – Project Management Offices – Fail Project Management Offices (PMOs) often fail to improve their organization’s project success rate. Most frequently, the PMO either tries to impose pointless paperwork on all the project managers or it gets no executive support for changing the way projects are done in the organization. With either of those barriers, […]

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Failed Projects

A failed project is one that has delivered so little value, spent so much money, taken so much time and is so out of control that no one can figure a way to salvage it.  The organization has no option but to end the project.  Many organizations have failed projects.  Some organizations learn from these failures and improve their project […]

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Project Change Control – Video

When project managers handle project change control badly, it irritates stakeholders and cause overruns on budget and duration. Fighting all changes doesn’t work and neither does accepting all of them. We’ll discuss the mistakes project managers make on change orders. Then we’ll review a methodology for doing it the right way. On many projects, the […]

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Enterprise Project Management

When we talk about enterprise project management, we’re talking about the processes organizations use to initiate, plan, monitor and control, track and close projects. We also include processes to prioritize projects and allocate resources to them. Quite simply, enterprise project management is an organization’s way of doing projects. At a minimum, these processes should include: 1.) How the […]

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Project Management Process

Organizations realize many benefits when they have a project management process that is consistently used by all the project managers in the organization. The process does not require a big investment in software, although some components are best done with automation. Many companies do the whole project management process on a PC. But the technical aspects are the easy […]

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Project Lessons Learned

The project lessons learned process is ineffective in most organizations. One project after another suffers from the same mistakes.  What is even worse is that the bigger the project failure, the less likely they are to learn from it.  The same issues that cause a project to fail also prevent the people involved from learning from […]

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Project Procurement

Agile Project Procurement (Comparing Apples to Oranges) In PowerPoint presentations, every project procurement solution works and every business case rocks but that’s not the case in real life. Bad project procurement planning and choosing the wrong solution are key risks in a project. This has been one of the most time and energy-consuming activities for me, […]

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How To Manage Multiple Projects Video

After successfully managing projects in IT, healthcare, construction, or general business, project managers can move up to managing multiple projects, programs and/or portfolios of projects. Enterprise Project Management Main Page Here they must allocate resources across all the projects in the program or portfolio they’re responsible for managing. They must also deal with executive sponsors and stakeholders more often. They must […]

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Make Clear Assignments & Estimates With A Work Package

A key success factor for project managers is making crystal-clear assignments to their project team members. This ensures  the team members understand what’s expected before they start work. A related success factor is having team members make realistic estimates for their tasks. This ensures the overall project estimates are accurate. It’s important for team members […]

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Create WBS

The WBS or work breakdown structure is a listing of every deliverable that the team must produce. Creating the WBS with team members  is a great opportunity to improve people’s commitment to the project and give them a sense of ownership. Usually, the project team sees their tasks after the project manager lists everything they […]

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Project Failure

Why Projects Fail So Often Some organizations have project failure rates that threaten their existence. In some cases they can’t deliver to a customer or client profitably. In other cases they can’t deliver new products and services that allow them to successfully compete. The failure rates are as high as 70%. Enterprise Project Management Hub […]

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Top Down Project Planning

In many organizations, managers and senior management view project planning as a waste of time. To them, the project plan is needless. They want to “start work immediately without wasting time in useless planning meetings and creating mounds of paperwork.” As a result, project managers have difficulty engaging management in the project-planning task. Why do they […]

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Project Team Motivation

Project team motivation is every bit as important as developing a creative project plan, creating a tight schedule and spotting problems early. Too many project managers assume that their team members will be unaffected by their behavior in assigning work, solving problems and making estimates. That is very far from the truth because those three […]

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Project Variances

Project variances are the calculated difference between the approved project plan and the actual project results. We can have project variances on schedule where we identified that a task should have been finished by July 1 and it was actually finished by July 5. That’s a four day bad variance. We can also have variances […]

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Agile Project Management

What is Agile Project Management? There is lots of talk about emerging approach to project management called “Agile Project Management”.  Understandably, some may confuse this with managing an AGILE software development effort as part of an organization’s  SDLC (Systems Development LifeCycle). All caps will be used to identify the software development methodology).  Recently,  PMI (Project […]

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How to Develop Project Management Methodology

How to Develop Project Methodology – What Steps Should I Follow?  As Project Management Professionals, we sometime find ourselves in an environment that has no established project management methodology. Instead, what we find are practices that focus on getting turning something (crap) out by the deadlines, not on using resources wisely, nor meeting stakeholder expecations. […]

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