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These articles cover the techniques for project managers to use for effective communication. Their presentations must persuade and inform executives and stakeholders about the project plan and the project progress. These communications are not simply a data dump. Project managers need to communicate clearly and persuasively to build support for their project

Status Report Template

In this article about the Status Report Template, we’ll discuss the sponsor’s expectations and the raw materials you’ll need to make and deliver a professional status report each week that will build your credibility with the project stakeholders and sponsors. Project sponsors expect project managers to know what’s going on in the projects they’re managing. While some sponsors […]

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Project Reports – Project Presentations, Reports, Meetings that Build Credibility

Project managers spend at least 80% of their time communicating with their team members and stakeholders. You communicate when giving project reports, running meetings, giving presentations and updating the project status. No one will appreciate your knowledge and skills on the technical aspects of managing a project if you can’t clearly and concisely communicate your ideas in project reports. […]

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Project Team Ground Rules

Project team ground rules are a necessity. Almost all project teams have frequent meetings and even more frequent communication in various forms. If the project manager doesn’t set ground rules for these meetings and communications, a significant amount of time is lost. Together, the project manager and team identify and formulate the ground rules that members of […]

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Project Launch – Video

Project launch, also called project initiation, is a critical phase of every project. If it is not done properly, the odds of the project’s success drop significantly. The purpose of the launch/initiation meeting is to build team member and stakeholder enthusiasm for the project. The project manager must also communicate the key strategic issues for the […]

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Project Approval

 Project Approval Process The project approval process varies from organization to organization. In some, it is a rational process of strategic and tactical planning. In others, it is a highly charged political game where project managers keep their backs to the wall to avoid a dagger from behind. Whatever the environment, there are two classic […]

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Top Down Project Planning

In many organizations, managers and senior management view project planning as a waste of time. To them, the project plan is needless. They want to “start work immediately without wasting time in useless planning meetings and creating mounds of paperwork.” As a result, project managers have difficulty engaging management in the project-planning task. Why do they […]

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Keys to Successful Project Scheduling

Every project manager does project scheduling. Some do it on a yellow note pad, others use an Excel spreadsheet and still others use software specifically designed for project management. Some project managers have very little data to help them successfully managing their projects, deal with change orders or respond to variances. They may not even […]

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Project Plan Approval – Video

Every project manager must get Project Plan Approval before they begin work. That includes getting the “go-ahead” for the plan, schedule and budget for a new project. Even if you have been working closely with the sponsor and stakeholders, there is still the need to persuasively present the information you have spent so much time developing. Too many […]

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Project Presentations: Body Language Video

Effective project presentations don’t come from being a smooth talking project manager. You need strong and relevant content, media that communicates your message, a speaking style that is easy to listen to and effective body language. This video illustrates five common body language problems in presentations. Then it gives you an example of an effective […]

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Selling Projects

Whether a project manager works in a consulting firm or in an organizational department, he must “sell” projects to bring in the engagements or gain user support and approval.  Unfortunately, many project managers don’t understand that they must make a major effort to “sell” projects or they will fail. Let’s examine and discuss some situations. Selling […]

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