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Project Plan Blunder #2 – Turf Wars

A project sponsor is meeting with the department managers who are her subordinates. She’s called them together to tell them their company is receiving terrible publicity. Their horrid customer service has made the front page of the local paper. She needs them to create a project plan to improve their customer service. The sponsor explains that they need an integrated effort. Each […]

Project Team From Hell – Watch Them Fail Miserably

At some time in their career, everyone who manages projects has had a Project Team From Hell that failed miserably. The team not only failed to achieve the project’s goals, it also ruined several personal lives, careers and marriages. Let’s watch this one. We’ll zoom in to Royster Industries and meet some of the characters that turned this group […]

Bad Project Planning Tools – A Project From Hell Video

A Project From Hell always begins with bad project planning tools. Watch as a project manager uses fairly typical, but poor, planning tools and estimating techniques to develop the hours and due dates for the project team. Then you’ll see private interviews with each of the team members and hear their reaction to the project manager’s planning […]

Project Team From Hell – Video

Watch the Project Team From Hell point fingers at each other just before a big status report meeting with the company president. These people have so many excuses they don’t know which ones they’re going to use or who they will blame for all their screw ups. Listen to the hysteria, the deceit and the finger-pointing. Does […]

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