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These articles cover the development, presentation and securing of approval for the project charter. The charter is a critical document that authorizes the start of detailed project planning. When working on the charter, the project manager coordinates closely with the project sponsor, key stakeholders and members of the project team to develop a document that covers the major deliverables, the resources required, the risks that the project will face and its constraints.

Project Charter

The project charter documents the project’s scope, objectives, resources, risks, assumptions, change control and the project manager’s authority. It should let the project manager identify problems and conflicts early so they can be resolved before the project work starts. It should help the project manager cope with the executive’s expectations about the project and how the PM will […]

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Project Charter Template

Use this project charter template to create the charter at the end of the project initiation process. This is after you have the scope information, the statement of work (SOW) from the sponsor and before the detailed planning begins. It includes the following: scope major deliverables assumptions constraints risks required resources and change control.  Starting work is still […]

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Project Approval

 Project Approval Process The project approval process varies from organization to organization. In some, it is a rational process of strategic and tactical planning. In others, it is a highly charged political game where project managers keep their backs to the wall to avoid a dagger from behind. Whatever the environment, there are two classic […]

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