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These articles discuss the tools and techniques project managers use to identify, assess and then manage the relationship between stakeholders and the project. The support of stakeholders is critical for every step in the project. That includes gathering their requirements, “borrowing” their people for your project team, and their participation in risk management, resource management, quality control and ongoing tracking.

Project Stakeholders

Managing Project Stakeholders As you move ahead in your project management career, you advance from managing small project teams who may share a common superior and work in the same department. The scope of those projects is aimed at providing something that project sponsor wants. They may be the only project stakeholder. After some project […]

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Project Sponsor Types: Political Operator – Video

There are many project sponsor types. Some are focused only on delivering business value to their organization and have excellent strategic vision. They know how to support the project manager and the team so they can be highly effective. Unfortunately, not all project sponsor types operate like this. There are a number of project sponsor types […]

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Critical Path

The critical path is the longest sequence of tasks in a project. The tasks on the critical path control the duration of the entire project. Any increase in duration of a critical path task will always cause the project’s duration to increase. The Critical Path is a great tool to help you shorten the duration […]

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