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These articles cover the techniques project managers use to manage and secure optimum performance from outside vendors and contractors used on their project. While the relationship with these members of the project team is legal and contractual in nature, there are still a number of techniques project managers can use to secure the required level of performance from outside vendors and contractors.

Project Contractors & Consultants

Project Contractors and Consultants Often times on projects, the project manager must work with project contractors and consultants. These are outside professionals, consultants and other vendors required to finalize some of the project tasks. This enables the project manager to secure high-level professional resources. The key to success with contractors and consultants is setting up control mechanisms […]

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Project Bidders Conference

Project bidders conferences are part of the process of selecting vendors/sellers who provide goods or services to the project. That process begins during planning when the project manager and team formulate the request for proposal  (RFP). At the same time, they create the vendor/seller selection and evaluation criteria they’ll use to rank the proposals. During procurement planning, the project manager […]

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