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These project planning articles discuss all the best practices techniques used in project planning. They include development of the scope, management of requirements and the production of a project plan. They also offer specific advice about dealing with sponsors on the scope definition and pinning the sponsor down to a measurable and verifiable scope statement. These articles also discuss presenting the charter and scope and meeting with stakeholders to build support for the project plan prior to its launch.

Agile Project Management Methodology

What is Agile Project Management Methodology? There is lots of talk about an emerging approach to project management called “Agile Project Management Methodology.”  Understandably, some may confuse this with managing an AGILE software development effort as part of an organization’s  SDLC (Systems Development LifeCycle). All caps will be used to identify the software development methodology). […]

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Project Plan Blunder #2 – Turf Wars

A project sponsor is meeting with the department managers who are her subordinates. She’s called them together to tell them their company is receiving terrible publicity. Their horrid customer service has made the front page of the local paper. She needs them to create a project plan to improve their customer service. The sponsor explains that they need an integrated effort. Each […]

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Project Management Plan – Video

Knowing how to create a Project Management Plan is tricky. The size of the project is not important. People mistakenly think that longer project plans are better than shorter ones. They think the plan’s word count reflects the amount of thinking that’s gone into the document. The opposite is usually true. In our 25+ years […]

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Project Sponsor Types: Political Operator – Video

There are many project sponsor types. Some are focused only on delivering business value to their organization and have excellent strategic vision. They know how to support the project manager and the team so they can be highly effective. Unfortunately, not all project sponsor types operate like this. There are a number of project sponsor types […]

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Small Project Planning Techniques

Small Project Planning Techniques are often difficult to do well. That’s because new project managers often make the mistake of trying to apply every technique in their project management textbook. They wind up burying small projects under too many meetings and too much paperwork. There are just a few Small Project Planning Techniques that you need to use for success […]

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Large Project Planning Techniques

When your success as a project manager leads to larger assignments, you should learn and be ready to use these Large Project Planning Techniques.  Planning larger projects requires different techniques than those that are successful fro small projects . When you started your career in project management, the projects were small and planning was relatively easy. […]

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Project Approval

 Project Approval Process The project approval process varies from organization to organization. In some, it is a rational process of strategic and tactical planning. In others, it is a highly charged political game where project managers keep their backs to the wall to avoid a dagger from behind. Whatever the environment, there are two classic […]

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Keys to Successful Project Scheduling

Every project manager does project scheduling. Some do it on a yellow note pad, others use an Excel spreadsheet and still others use software specifically designed for project management. Some project managers have very little data to help them successfully managing their projects, deal with change orders or respond to variances. They may not even […]

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Selling Projects

Whether a project manager works in a consulting firm or in an organizational department, he must “sell” projects to bring in the engagements or gain user support and approval.  Unfortunately, many project managers don’t understand that they must make a major effort to “sell” projects or they will fail. Let’s examine and discuss some situations. Selling […]

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