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New Product Launch

You settled  down at a table in the company cafeteria with status reports on three of the projects in the program you were managing. You decided to start with the most problematic of your projects and opened that folder, managing to remove the staple with a knife without stabbing yourself. At a neighboring table, people from sales, marketing, […]

Project Requirements Video

Project Requirements: The Key to Stakeholder Management, Scope Control & Change Requests Managing project requirements builds the foundation for: Effective scope and change control Strong support from stakeholders and users Finishing your project without last-minute requirements surprises. Stakeholders are the principal focus of managing project requirements. You must continuously try to identify new stakeholders so you […]

Requirements Gathering Blunders and Best Practices

Unfortunately, poor requirements gathering techniques are the cause of many project failures. These blunders cause three separate problems for the project. Each one can increase the cost and duration and lower the users’ or clients’ satisfaction. Each week stakeholders submit requests for new or modified requirements because: Stakeholders complain about the project deliverables not meeting […]

Collecting Requirements

One of the key phases on every project is correctly collecting requirements from the user. In the past 10 years I have never seen a project of relevant size that didn’t have changes requested, either during build/execution phase or during testing. Requirements Main Page Waterfall Approach A rigorous waterfall project approach that firstly requires collecting […]

Project Requirements Prototyping

A study by project management consulting company, PM Solutions, in 2011 examined 163 companies to identify top causes of IT projects failure, and requirements ranked right at the top. Requirements Main Page The issue with Project Requirements Prototyping is a communication issue. We humans express our thoughts and needs using a biased, misunderstand able medium, […]

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