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High Tech High Touch Leadership

High performance teams are increasingly rare. Too often people don’t have much to do with their team members and they aren’t committed to the project’s goal. No one cares much if the project will be late and the only thing people are concerned with is avoiding blame. Here’s how to change that with your team. […]

Bottom-up Estimating – Video

Bottom-up estimating is a project management technique in which the people who are going to do the work take part in the estimating process. Typically those people are the project team members. They work with you, the project manager, to develop estimates at the task level in the work breakdown structure (WBS). When you set the […]

Team Building

When many project managers, team leaders and team members see the term “team building,” they immediately think of a facilitator or consultant coming to work with their group. These facilitators run games and exercises as a way of improving team member performance. That kind of team building has its place and can be effective.  However, team building […]

Virtual Teams – Video

Virtual Teams Need High Tech, High Process and High Touch Leaders The traditional way of managing teams doesn’t work with virtual teams. Virtual teams despite (or because of) all the technology are regularly crippled by: conflict between team members poor communications ineffective collaboration little cohesion inefficient processes declining interest and commitment. In summary, they are poorly […]

Micromanage? Not Me!

Do You Micromanage Your Team? None of us like to think we micromanage. But it’s often a challenge not to micromanage your project team. Here are some common assumptions of PM’s who micromanage: You’re the project manager and that means you’re the expert on everything about the project…so you need to make all the decisions Your […]

3-Point Estimating

Estimating is tricky for project managers because the customer wants the project to be done quickly and cheaply. You want your team to be committed to the numbers because they are realistic and fair. On top of that, everyone is concerned with the risk that exists on any project. So the best estimating technique should […]

Poor Performing Team Member

Sooner or later, every project manager will encounter a Poor Performing Team Member who is just not cutting the mustard. They may be a once good team member whose performance has fallen off or a new employee who is failing to meet expectations. I’ve had to deal with Poor Performing Team Members on several occasions, […]

Status Meetings: Info-free, Macho or Micro-detail

Your Status Meetings quickly earn a reputation, and it’s usually bad. First we’ll discuss three types of bad status meetings. Then we’ll explore ways to make your status meetings short and effective. Status Meeting Types Some status meetings are info-free, meaning no one knows much about anything. The project manager doesn’t know where the project should […]

Team Training

Team Training Many times you will be leading a team of subject matter experts whose expertise in their specialty exceeds your knowledge of it by a significant amount. It’s easy to say that you have no need or obligation for team training for these people. While it may be true that you don’t have to train […]

Team Micromanagement – Video

Project teams have different cultures and attitudes toward the project and its manager. The project team members bring expectations based on their prior project experience as well as their attitudes about being on project teams. But the primary factor that determines the project team culture is the project manager’s behavior. This behavior includes: assigning work […]

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