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Project Tracking Software – Video

This video shows you the entire process for using project tracking software (Microsoft Project®) from start to finish. Reporting project progress is an important part of every project manager’s weekly routine and using software makes your job much easier and efficient. You’ll see how to enter the status reports from your team members, spot variances and plan […]

Scheduling Software

Using the right Scheduling Software is key to consistently finishing your projects on time and within budget. Project Scheduling Software lets you do the critical steps more efficiently than using ineffective options like scheduling in Excel or on a yellow notepad. Those waste too much of your time and don’t help you complete these critical steps: Spotting […]

Critical Path Tasks

People who manage projects, either full-time as a project manager or part-time as a department manager, know that the critical path is the longest path of tasks in a project. It determines the duration of the entire project. They also know which of the tasks in the project are Critical Path Tasks. But knowing the definition and […]

Project Schedule – How To Finish Earlier Video

Requests to shorten the project schedule and finish earlier are a regular part of managing a project. The first requests to shorten the schedule come almost immediately after you release the first draft of the schedule, when the project is still in the planning phase. The sponsor and stakeholders all come to you with reasons […]

Project Management Software

Project Management Software comes in many degrees of sophistication and prices range from $50 to $20,000 or more. The Project Management Software itself doesn’t make you more effective; it just makes you more efficient. The software doesn’t teach you how to define the scope, communicate with the project sponsor or make clear assignments to your team members.  It […]

Work Breakdown Schedule

The work breakdown schedule (WBS) is the spine of your project plan. The most important function is to communicate clear performance expectations about the project. For executives, the work breakdown schedule communicates exactly what they’re going to get from the project. That is what the business result will be. The WBS entries, from the scope down to […]

How To Use Dynamic Project Scheduling

Dynamic project scheduling and the diagram of a predecessor network show us the sequence of tasks and let us design concurrent or parallel tasks. This can significantly shorten a project’s duration. Project Schedule & Software Main Page Successful project managers use dynamic project scheduling because it saves them significant amounts of time and lets them quickly model the impact […]

How To Use the Project Critical Path Technique

The critical path is the longest sequence of tasks in a project. It determines the project’s duration and completion date. It’s easy to use project critical path analysis to determine the duration and optimize your project plans to finish as quickly as possible. Let’s see an example of how to correctly use the critical path technique. Project […]

Keys to Successful Project Scheduling

Every project manager does project scheduling. Some do it on a yellow note pad, others use an Excel spreadsheet and still others use software specifically designed for project management. Some project managers have very little data to help them successfully managing their projects, deal with change orders or respond to variances. They may not even […]

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