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Project Manager Role Producing Deliverables

The project manager is responsible for producing a specified deliverable using organizational staff & materials.  The project manager role requires a wide variety of skills in planning, leading, scheduling, tracking progress and managing teams to produce that specific deliverable. This set of skills is very different from managing a department or a business. Project Manager […]

Project Management Success

Project Management Success is not easy. There are several project manager skill sets or techniques that make a project manager successful. Successful project managers have both “hard” and “soft” skills in their project tool belt. They are able to select the appropriate tools and techniques to use on every project they manage. The ability to select the right […]

Project Variances Solve Just the Important Problems

Project variance is what gives executives nightmares about project failure. They are the calculated difference between the approved project plan’s costs and duration and the actual project results. We can have project variance vs.  schedule where we identified that a task should have been finished by July 1 and it was actually finished by July […]

Project Team Ground Rules

Project team ground rules are a necessity. Almost all project teams have frequent meetings and even more frequent communication in various forms. If the project manager doesn’t set ground rules for these meetings and communications, a significant amount of time is lost. Together, the project manager and team identify and formulate the ground rules that members of […]

Top Down Project Plan

Creating the project plan is the first step in every project. The best practice is a Top Down Project Plan. To be successful as a project manager, you always need a project plan but length is not important. An excellent project plan of one page works well. The important thing about the project plan is the thinking […]

Leading Teams: Six Techniques For Success

Highly motivated, problem-solving teams are a key reason for project success. These teams are committed to the goal and to completing their assignments on time and within estimates. Teams like that are rare, however. That’s because the correct steps for successfully leading teams are challenging and often missed. The proven techniques you’ll learn here include selecting the […]

Lessons Learned on an Agile Project

Lately, the Agile Project Management approach has become very popular, and it seems that everyone is a scrum master. Here are lessons learned on an Agile project for every project manager. Now I have to disclose to you that I am not a certified Agile PM. I’m sort of a fan of the traditional approach, […]

Managing Project Conflicts – Video

Managing project conflicts is a regular and ever-present part of a project manager’s life. For a project manager to have a consistently successful track record on his or her projects, they need to be able to resolve project conflicts. Some conflicts are project threatening. Those are the conflicts that involve disputes between executives and your […]

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